YEAHRITE™ got started in much the same way as Apple™, Google™, and many of the world’s top companies. With a dumb idea that hit a dude when he was supposed to be working.


My name is Aimless J. Lackluster™, and I am that guy who had the dumb idea, the dumb idea that would eventually become a super rad idea and a series of treatises on how to do graphic communication moderately well and a means of allowing people to purchase mementos of those super rad (not dumb) ideas.


The very first YEAHRITE™ wasn’t even a YEAHRITE™ at all. It was a boring graphic that said “Yeah Right” that I whipped up in Photoshop™ in like a minute. But the phrase kept coming back to me, clawing at the insides of my brain like a… like an internal brain clawing thing. Soon I began obsessively creating an endless succession of graphics that told the “Yeah Right” story, which would eventually become the YEAHRITE™ story, an ongoing saga that will be told right here on this very website.


So what’s the story? You think I’m going to just spell it all out?



– Aimless J. Lackluster